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SpotHero's Mark Lawrence on Building a Marketplace Business, Meditation, & Why If It's Not a Fuck Yes, It's a Fuck No


Mark Lawrence is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpotHero, an on-demand parking app and website that makes drivers’ lives easier by helping them find and reserve a parking for up to 50% off. Mark along with his co-founders started the company after managing to rack up thousands of dollars in parking tickets. SpotHero is now one of Chicago's bigger consumer startup success stories. They raised $20 million in Series B funding last year, are in 15 cities, and have a team of 120 now. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why Mark and his co-founders started SpotHero
  • How the product has evolved from the initial idea
  • How they got their first customers
  • What was going through his head when competitors were raising massive rounds
  • Keys to growing a marketplace business
  • How SpotHero approaches launching in a new city
  • Why "If it's not a fuck yes, it's a fuck no" when hiring
  • The benefits of meditation and floatation tanks
  • Keys to keeping the culture as company grows

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