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How To Steal Business Away From Multi-Billion Dollar Competitors - Jacob Babcock / Founder of NuCurrent


Jacob Babcock is the founder and CEO of NuCurrent, a wireless power company that has designed the world's fastest, smallest, and most efficient wireless power antennas. If you have ever wondered why we still have to deal with all these charging cables, this is the podcast for you.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Jacob made the transition from law school to founder of a very technical startup?
  • What a future with wireless power will look like? 
  • How NuCurrent is stealing business away from multi-billion dollar competitors? 
  • Chicago's storied history as the birthplace of wireless power
  • How to test if someone will make for a good startup employee? 
  • The one big thing he wishes he knew when he started NuCurrent

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