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How To Decide If Your Idea Is Worth Pursuing & How To Sell Your Product - Landon Shoop / Co-Founder of Fizz


Landon Shoop, along with his wife Jennifer Shoop, started Fizz, a team management tool that makes developing employees easy. At his old job, Landon became frustrated while preparing for another yearly performance review and he decided there must be something better. Together they developed a HR tech platform that allows for real-time employee/employer feedback. Landon and Jennifer haven't raised any outside money yet, but they already have some impressive traction. It was great to talk product with promising entrepreneurs just getting started. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to decide whether your idea is worth pursuing
  • How to sell your product
  • Why they decided to build upon Slack
  • How they came up with the name? Hint: Focus is your scarcest resource
  • How they approach work/life balance as a husband/wife founding team

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