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Livestreaming, Virtual Reality, E-Sports & Hiring Your Biggest Critic - Stu Grubbs / Founder of Infiniscene


Stu Grubbs is a Co-Founder and CEO of Infiniscene, a startup building the easiest way to livestream video. They enable gamers, and now Facebook and Youtube streamers, to easily create beautiful live broadcasts in their web browser without any experience or expensive hardware. As Stu mentions during the show, a lot of Chicago startups are new tech solving old problems so it is awesome to to have a startup empowering live streamers being built here. It is definitely both a cutting edge problem and solution. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How difficult it is to setup a lifestream today
  • Why quality will always be the differentiator with content creators
  • How big e-sports is today? Hint: a lot bigger than you think
  • How e-gamers make more money on content then competition
  • What Infiniscene got out of Techstars
  • Why starting a company is the real way to see if you are good at something
  • How a landlords faith in him allowed Infiniscene to survive
  • What kept him going when he was penniless
  • How he ended up hiring his biggest critic
  • Whats the most exciting stuff he saw at E3
  • How live streaming may work in virtual reality
  • How they have developed culture early in the company
  • The importance of one-on-one's for culture
  • Why they founded Infiniscene in Chicago
  • Why every call should be a video call on a distributed team
  • Why he looks for cultural fit first when hiring

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