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What An Ideal Startup Looks Like & Deal Sourcing With A Podcast - Nick Moran / The Full Ratchet


Nick Moran is a co-founder and Managing Director of New Stack Ventures and Moran Capital Partners. He also started the very popular The Full Ratchet podcast, where he interviews venture capital and angel investing experts on successful startup fundraising and investing strategy. Nick asked me to interview him for his 100th episode and I thought the content was so good that I decided to repost it here. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Nick got into venture capital
  • Why he started The Full Ratchet
  • His key takeaways after 100 episodes
  • Where he finds his deals
  • What an ideal startup looks like to him
  • What resources he recommends to investors and entrepreneurs
  • Nick's investment thesis and how he evaluates startups for investment
  • The best and worst things about the startup ecosystem in Chicago

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