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Creating the Next Corner Store in the Age of Amazon - Michael LaVitola / Founder of Foxtrot


Michael LaVitola is the CEO and Founder of Foxtrot, a startup that could be thought of as a curated cornerstore with on-demand delivery. It is basically what you imagine your ideal convenience store would look like with an in store cafe and a ton of super cool beer, wine, food, gifts, and basic necessities. 

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why Michael decided to start Foxtrot
  • What the first version of the product looked like
  • Why they moved away from on demand to retail
  • Why they splurged on pricey retail spots
  • Why they will be having a coffee bar in all their stores going forward
  • How they curate the products they stock
  • What are their best selling and weirdest products
  • What Michael thinks of Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods
  • What the future of retail looks like
  • How they plan to differentiate themselves from Amazon's offerings
  • Why it is important to know who your ideal investor really is

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