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Building the Warby Parker of Men's Skincare - Mia Saini & Laura Lisowski / Co-Founders of Oars + Alps



Mia Saini & Laura Lisowski are the Founders of Oars + Alps, a new e-commerce startup selling men’s skincare products for "athleisure guys on the go". Their first products are a face moisturizer, a deodorant, and a face wash in stick form. 

Mia Saini is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School and a former reporter for Bloomberg TV. Early last year, Mia quit her job at Bloomberg and her Co-Founder Laura Lisowski quit her job at Facebook to start building Oars + Alps out of 1871.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The difference between men's and women's skin care
  • How they decided to start with these products
  • Where the name comes from
  • How they met on a party boat in Thailand
  • The benefits of being an outsider in the industry
  • How they choose ingredients
  • Why you have to set the price before making product decisions
  • What men are doing wrong in their grooming
  • How they plan to cut through the noise and get the word out
  • How they position their brand
  • Another startup brand they look up to
  • The value of content and influencer marketing
  • How they landed features in Esquire and Bloomberg within months of launching and how you can to

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