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From Dot-Com Bust to Late Bloomer Entrepreneur - Jeff Hunt / Founder of Snap36


Jeff Hunt is the Founder of Snap36, a 360° product-photography startup that works with everyone from Amazon to small, family-owned businesses to optimize their e-retail photography.

Jeff got his start in the late 70s as a Kodak salesman and worked his way up the corporate ladder to the leadership team for Adobe’s European division.

But he always had an entrepreneurial streak. He launched three startups in the 90s. Two went public. One went from zero to $55 million in two years and then $55 million to zero in two months with the dot-com bust.

In 2008, with the world economy in a tailspin and e-commerce in its infancy, Jeff made his final leap of faith, quitting Adobe to launch Snap36.

The company now has big clients in a range of industries (manufacturing and automotive to CPG and footwear) and boasts millions in revenue.

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