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The Free School Preparing Anyone for a Sales Jobs in Tech - Brian Bar / Founder of Victory Lap


Brian Bar is the Founder and CEO of Victory Lap, a sales bootcamp empowers candidates from all different backgrounds to find success in sales.

Before launching the business, Brian served as the VP of Sales for ThinkCERCA, where he devised a national distribution strategy, while simultaneously building out the sales organization. This experience, coupled with his work creating Groupon’s sales onboarding department (overseeing the hiring and development of over 1,000 entry-level sales representatives) led Brian to start Victory Lap.

He is a sought after expert for companies hiring, training, and managing Gen Y and Gen Z sales talent. Brian lives with his wife, daughter, and dog in Chicago, and enjoys summers in his hometown of Long Beach, IN.

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Selected Highlights:

  • "The first thought process was that I would regret not doing something more than doing something, and two, there’s a level of “I can make a better mousetrap than anyone else in the world type of thing, and it’s that type of belief that really made me take the jump.””

  • "You have a business when you have a customer.”

  • " I saw extroverts, introverts, people with an Ivy League degree, people with no degree all have an equal chance at success. (In the context of sales)”

  • "Recognize that your customer is your best sales coach.”

  • "Get to a place where you have a customer, have a customer, and then have a happy customer.”

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